While an Iranian Official Says We ‘Reject the Existence of Any Israeli on this Earth’ the UN shamefully keeps silent!

24 Agosto, 2015

SDR wonders why UN only looks at Israel when matters like these disturb our security on a almost daily basis. Why does the UN pay them selfs such sky high salaries while they only travel around accomplishing nothing at all! If leaders speak out about the existence of a people or nation does not touch the UN then we need to question if we need a place like UN at all....

SDR -  Al-Islam

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A senior Iranian official, discussing alleged pressure on Tehran to change its genocidal policy, said the goal to annihilate the Jewish state has nothing to do with the nuclear deal.
Hussein Sheikh al-Islam, an Iranian parliamentary adviser on International Affairs, confirmed Tehran’s goal to annihilate the Jewish state in an interview Wednesday with Al-Ressalah, a Hamas-affiliated news site.  “Iran diligently supports the resistance and its fighters [against Israel],” he stated, confirming Iran’s backing of Hamas and other Islamic terror groups.
Referring to the nuclear agreement with six global powers, led by the US, al-Islam said Iran rejected the connection made between the accord and the Islamic Republic’s support of regional terror.
“These powers admitted that the reason for their pressure on us is our position on Israel,” he told Al- Resalah. “We told them that we reject the existence of any Israeli on this earth.”
SDR gee the ragtagz
US President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and other senior American officials promoting the Iran nuclear deal have played down the danger to Israel – and the US – posed by the Iranian regime, which continues to state its objective to annihilate the Jewish state. Indeed, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei several weeks ago published a book on how to destroy Israel.
Nevertheless, US President Barack Obama has vowed to veto opposition to the nuclear agreement in a congressional vote scheduled for next month.